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Thursday, June 7, 2007

She is hot and sexy. But...............

As Britney Spears checked herself into rehab for the third time in a week, most people were wondering just what she needed rehab for. The obvious answer was alcoholism, as Britney has been seen partying with socialite/party girl Paris Hilton, and even with Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in rehab for her own alcohol problems. But as time goes on, and with Spears' publicist, Larry Rudolph, not making any comments as to why Spears needed to check herself into the Promises rehab centre in Malibu, California, another source has come forward to discuss the addictions of Britney Spears.
The New York Daily News got hold of an interview conducted by London publication, The Sunday Mirror, who talked to the first husband of Britney Spears, Jason Alexander. Spears and Alexander, childhood friends who were married in Las Vegas for a total of 55 hours back in 2004, shared many of their secrets throughout their friendship, and now Alexander has revealed that Britney Spears has been suffering from drug-related problems. Alexander claims that he is breaking his silence on the matter because he does not want to see the declining pop princess wind up like the former Playboy Playmate, Anna Nicole Smith.
25-year-old Jason Alexander told the Sunday Mirror, "It freaked me out when I saw she had shaved off her hair; that was clearly a cry for help." Alexander reiterated that point as he said again that Britney Spears, "needs help." Alexander, who claims that he and Spears were involved in a threesome with a female dancer as the trio binged on various drugs, said that even throughout their brief relationship, drugs had been a problem. Alexander said, "We used ecstasy at night to party and cocaine during the day to stay awake. Then we would take downers like Valium or Vicodin to come down and rest. She definitely had a problem with drugs when we were together and that was three years ago."
During the interview with the Sunday Mirror, Jason Alexander recalled an incident where Britney Spears nearly died after overdosing on MDMA, or pure ecstasy, while partying in Las Vegas. Alexander said, "I took her into the bathroom and threw her in the shower." Alexander recalled, "She was unconscious. She tripped and fell. I was trying to hold her up and speak to her. She wasn't moving. I remember looking down at her all crumpled in the tub with the water coming down. She looked so white and lifeless. I thought she was dead. I thought, 'This bitch is going to f--king die right here in front of me.'"
But while one of Spears' ex-husbands has been trashing her name in the tabloids, the other man has been trying to offer support. In an uncharacteristically generous and supportive move, Kevin Federline has been to visit Britney Spears twice since she checked into rehab on Wednesday, and has even brought the kids to try to lift the spirits of Britney Spears. even reports that Kevin Federline told Britney Spears that, "I'll stand by you if you clean up your act. I just want you to get well." That sentiment was echoed by a friend of Federline's, who reportedly said, "Just a few days ago there was no love lost between the two of them but it's taken Britney's breakdown to make Kevin realize that he still loves her. He's been having second thoughts about the split and thinks there may be hope of a reunion after she gets better."
To top off these wild rumors, has reported that Britney Spears has a bed on reserve at the UCLA psychiatric facility should she need it. The friend said, "She'll get much more robust help at UCLA, that's why (her family) have asked if she can stay there for a while." If that's not enough, the website also reports that friends of Spears claim that over the past week, Britney Spears has threatened suicide, been strip searched over fears she was concealing drugs, offered Kevin Federline more than $200,000 to drop a custody hearing, and was found to be in possession of a "death list", which named people she wanted to see dead. On that list, Kevin Federline.

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