Devil is the spirit of EVILNESS. Angel is the spirit of HOLINESS. Devil Angel: A POEM FOR MY LOVE.

Monday, June 18, 2007


You, my love, so true and dear,
I have something to say, and want you to hear.
I love you with all my heart, and voice,
I fell in love with you, I had no choice.

When I am around you, simple things become more,
Wings are made, which allow me to soar.
I fly through the sky and above the moon,
Feel up so high, and our hearts in tune.

Your kiss is perfect, lovely, and true,
I love you so much, you have not a clue.
You are perfect for me in every single way,
My mind is on you each moment of the day.

Your touch is like an angels skin,
So soft and sweet, it pulls me in.
Laying here, my body against your chest,
Listening to your heart beat, feeling so blessed.

Holding me tight, and never letting me depart,
I want you so bad, I gave you my whole heart.
Oh baby, without you, my soul is cold
My heart will have died, and my blood is like mold.

Please dont leave me, you are my air,
You are my reason for life, I love you, I swear.
I want to be with you forever by your side,
I want to be the one, that in me, you confide.

I will spend every day, until my last breath,
With you, until I'm stripped from life to death.
I will always be your biggest fan,
I will be cheering you on as much as I can.

I will always be there, for you to talk to,
Forever there, to help you through.
Dont ignore me, please dont forget,
Dont leave me here, lying in a cold sweat.

Baby, you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,
Whenever I am in your arms, it sets me free.
Seeing you causes my heart to leap,
Pulling me closer, pulling me in so deep.

As you run your fingers through my hair,
I close my eyes and think of the love we share.
You treat me like an angel, flying in the sky,
I want to spend my life with you, until the day I die.

My love for you will last forever,
I want to be with you, always together.
You inspire me, my everlasting guide,
I will do all in my power, to stay right by your side.

Just remember this, and dont forget,
Time can be hard, and yet?
When we both are sad and alone,
When you feel a gust of wind, a kiss from me to you is blown.

When I'm around you, I am in bliss,
Sharing every moment, and every special kiss.
I know a lot of guys, but with you, no one can compare,
And with that said, bent on knee, I shall say a prayer.

Oh my dear and precious Lord,
You put on this earth, a boy no one can afford.
Never knew someone this great could ever be real,
But I know about the love for him that I feel.

He puts me up with you, in that place up there,
He fixed my broken heart, I thought was beyond repair.
He makes me feel so special, and makes me feel so great,
He makes me nice to people, even ones I hate.

Please dont take him away, and leave me here,
Without him now, I am nothing but a tear.
He means more to me, then anyone would know,
My love for him is like a constant rivers flow.

Take care of my baby, watch over him please,
I need him here, he puts me at ease.
Hes my savior, my love, and friend,
I want to be with him, till to heaven I ascend.

Lord, you have never let me down before,
I love him so, and now please dont ignore?
Im saying thank you for sending me him,
And with this prayer now, I say amen.?


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