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Monday, July 2, 2007

A briefing from antialanaasi

Nowadays DEVILANGEL is progressing alot. About a month ago she created this blog. At that time this blog was not that attractive. She posted very few and very few number of visitors visited this blog. But now everything changed. Now over 50 or 70 visitors visit this blog every day. ( ).

Its me antialanaasi. I think you have noticed that i am also one of the contributor of this blog and earlier my posts are more than devilangels blog. In this small briefing i would like to thank all the visitors who are visiting this blog. here by i announce you that very soon you will be able to watch the famous Tv channel MTV through this simple blog. You fresh ideas are our key to grow and that is our success.

Bye for now. Please leave a comment about your wish and what are the things to be corrected.

You guys please do visit to

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