Devil is the spirit of EVILNESS. Angel is the spirit of HOLINESS. Devil Angel: Lonely Angel

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lonely Angel

looking to the stars
a tear rolls down her cheek
so cold and undeserved
she wonders where the innocence has gone

praying for a moment of peace
she loses herself in sorrow
the world erupting in chaos around her
where is she supposed to turn

losing her sense of hope
will the world always be this way
will she always live in turmoil
do her tears even matter

she can't take it anymore
so she waits in the corner
for it all just to end
forever a lonely angel

1 comment:

ibthisaam said...

ohh sally don't say like that. komeyves duvahakun sally adi ufaluga ulheyney. :D so don't loose ur hope dear


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