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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here Are My Pals.

Hey everyone here is my favourite pals. If i have a free time i just hang around with them. And we have funny and sweet moments together. Actually they are my relatives but i prefer they are my bestfriends. The one who is wearing the ear rings is my cousin and the other one is my own younger sister. I love to spend my time with them. They are the perfect friends i got. I share all my secrets to both of them. Actually they are the bestfriend i ever had. And i hope this relationship will be like that till i die.


converslogic said...
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converslogic said...

wow.. younger sis set koh dhinumaa behey gothun vaahaka dhakkan v ennu??.. lol.. just kiddin'.. hope that relationship lasts for ever.. so lets c dho.. my best wishes r with u guys.. or lets say gals this time..


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