Devil is the spirit of EVILNESS. Angel is the spirit of HOLINESS. Devil Angel: A Hurting Letter

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Hurting Letter

Tears are falling from my eyes,
as I sit and cry at night.
blood is dripping from my heart,
as I try to write.
I have so much pain,
I'm hurt a lot,
I can't explain all this,
I'm just falling apart.
no one understands,
I don't know where to start
and I don't know where to end.
love hurts so much,
like a thousand stabbing knives,
especially when you have all this pain,
that you wish you could deny.
I'm so sore right now,
my heart is racing fast,
I wish I could forget all this,
and leave it in the past.
but there will always be a memory,
a memory of us both,
how we both loved each other,
and in my heart I'll hold.
I will always hold this memory
even though you won't care,
and the scar you left in my heart
will always be there.


callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

awesome, very very awesome.
u write really cool poems.
keep em coming.

HRMaster said...

O Sad Angel...Would u please please write a post About Your HAPPY TIMES.... This is only a request ingey.....
The poem u wrote was kooool. i gave it ot one of my hurted friend who have lost his love lately..he said it really treats him.Also he said to say THaNK YOU to you......

Cute Kat Princez said...

woow..v salhi ingey..true words from a broken heart...hope things work out


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